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Whenever you discuss Hadoop, you discuss HDFS. A brief discussion on HDFS is somewhat mandatory to allow us to ‘ease’ into the BIG DATA topic. HDFS first and foremost is a filesystem designed for storing very large files with streaming data access patterns, running on clusters of commodity hardware.


There is a vast number of resources in which to learn Hadoop and all its underlying subframeworks (Hive, Pig, Oozie, MapReduce, etc). Given the number of sub-frameworks and their usability, it can be somewhat confusing to know when to use which framework and how to implement it.

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 Complex Data Processing: With Cascading made Simple
Big data processing has made incredible strides over the past years. And it would be hard to overstate the role of the MapReduce programming model in this progress. However, MapReduce, while powerful, is almost universally regarded as a complicated and difficult framework to use, even for professional software engineers.

Analyzing Big Graphs with Apache Giraph
Apache Giraph is a system to run graph analytics on massive graphs across hundreds of machines on-top-of Hadoop. In this article you will learn how to write and run simple algorithms that can analyze large graphs by means of simple commodity machines.

Elasticsearch as a NoSQL Database
NoSQL-database [1] defines NoSQL as “Next Generation Databases mostly addressing some of the points: being non-relational, distributed, open-source and horizontally scalable.” In other words, it’s not a very precise definition.

K Means Clustering Algorithm using Hadoop in OpenStack
In today’s world, the growth of data is increasing tremendously. We need an efficient system to process a large set of data with accuracy and speed having automation, dynamic resource management, and autoscaling features. We need an orchestration framework to build a system that can process data in parallel ways.

Big Data offers Big Careers
Most recruiters in the market place have heard of one of the hottest technologies in the industry – Hadoop and Big Data. As a result headhunters around the globe are now seeking talented Hadoop Administrators, Systems Engineers, Developers, and Architects for countless clients. These clients represent business ranging in size from start-up IT to some of the largest operations in the world.

Cloud Market Overview for 2014
2014 is set to be a stellar year for Cloud Computing in general and SaaS in particular. An estimated 70% of SaaS customers are from “Small to Medium Businesses” with 80% of Enterprises still concerned with the Risk issues of both Security & Compliance.

Cloud Security & Comcloud Risks And Defining Ways To Mitigate Risk
Since the coining of the phrase in 1995, “Cloud Computing” has become one of the leading technology trends, if not the #1 trend since Marc Andreessen invented the first Web Browser which basically allowed the then little known “Internet” to become what it is today.

How to Achieve Success in Career?
Josh Molina is an Enterprise Architect with extensive experience in the design and development of distributed systems. Josh is currently consulting in the financial industry space focusing both on Big Data analytics and enterprise development. Founder of General Data Analytics based in Charlotte, NC the company focuses on adoption and integration of solutions based in Hadoop and Open Source frameworks.


September 19, 2014


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